KP PRO BOND II - Solvent-based Adhesive (4oz)
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KP PRO BOND II - Solvent-based Adhesive (4oz)

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KP PRO BOND II is a professional bonding adhesive.

It's easy to apply! The adhesive is formulated with optimum consistency to reduce stringing during brush-on applications. Only apply one coat on the scalp and another on the hairpiece as multiple coats can lead to "sliding." Apply heat with a blow dryer to speed up the adhesive's drying process.

So easy to clean, it saves you time! Field experience indicates that PRO BOND II avoids the common damages and repair work required for the hair system caused by difficult to remove adhesive. The high-tack adhesive remains soft, is gentle on the hair system, and is easy to remove. For best results, remove with KP Pro Solvent.

Long-lasting bond stays put for 3 - 6 weeks.


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