I am new to wearing hair. What products do I need to get started?

We recommend trying out one of the starter kits! Each kit features pre-selected compatible products to take the trouble out of navigating a maze of product descriptions. They come in smaller sizes so it's not a long-term commitment in case you want to try other products. On top of it all, these bundles help you save up to 20%!

I have very oily skin and live in a hot and humid climate. No adhesive that I've tried seems to hold long enough. Do you have anything that might work for my situation?

Skin prep is very important for you. First, prepare your scalp by washing with a gentle shampoo. After drying, apply a layer of Skin Med onto the scalp. If you have any irritated skin, this may sting a bit due to the sanitizing ingredients. Allow the Skin Med to dry for about 1-2 minutes. We recommend using Skin Med Dab-On or Skin Med Brush-On 4oz to cover more surface area and then using Skin Med Brush-On 1oz, which has a small brush, for your occasional touch-ups or addressing more detailed areas. 

Next, brush on the adhesive over the Skin Med. Typically 2-3 thin, even layers are sufficient. In this case, more layers is not better. Allow each adhesive layer to fully dry before adding the next layer (Leo Bond: 2-4 minutes; Pro Bond III: 3-5 min). If you don't allow the adhesive to cure, you may encounter hair system "sliding" later on. You will know that it is dry when you touch it and it feels tacky but doesn't stick to your finger.

How can I speed up the drying time of my adhesive?

If you are in a hurry, you can use a hair blow dryer to speed up the curing process. The heat should do the trick.

Can I apply adhesive to my lace unit?

Please remember to never apply the adhesive directly to a lace unit. 

I mostly use tape to attach my hair system. What does KP have to offer me? Can I combine your adhesives with hair tapes? 

Our adhesives can be used to enhance the bonding strength of hair tapes if you also use tape in your hair care routine. We carry a range of Walker Tape products in our shop for your convenience.

Depending on the type of hair system you have, some people strengthen hair tape with our Leo Bond and Skin Med. That limits the amount of products applied directly to the scalp, allows the skin to breathe and rest, while simultaneously increases the amount of adhesion.

How long do the bonds last?

The bonding time varies pending on your local climate, how much you perspire, and whether you lead an active lifestyle. We have clients who have happily shared that Leo Bond has extended their hair-wearing to 4-6 weeks. 

How do I remove my hair system?

When the hair system starts to loosen, you can spray Duo Solv or Lace Release to remove the entire hair system. Pro Solvent also works but is more compatible with our Pro Bond I and Pro Bond II adhesives. Clean and sanitize your hair system base and scalp using Duo Solv or Pro Solvent. Follow with shampoo to remove any remaining residue.

I want to take good care of my hair system and prevent hair shedding so that I get the most amount of wear out of it. What do you recommend?

Our breakthrough Pro Lock is a tape tab and knot sealer made to strengthen hair knots. Check it out!

My silicone-based glues (Pro Bond I and II) don’t last long and the hair system lifts early. What am I doing incorrectly? 

1.  Apply a thinner coat: Unlike water-based glue, our silicone-based glue does not require too thick of a layer which can actually cause “sliding.” In this case, more does not equate better. One thin coat suffices.

2.  Not dry enough: Perhaps after applying bond to the hairpiece, let it dry under heat. If applying bond to client's head, a bit of heat with the blow drier will ensure dryness and enhanced product stability. Unlike water-based glues which dry overtime, the silicone needs to dry fully as there is no water to evaporate like the water-based glue.

What are some advantages of using silicone-based glue over water-based glue?

Water-based adhesive becomes absorbed into the pores of the scalp, which can be a point of consideration for certain clientele. The silicone-based Pro Bond I is also very malleable after it dries so it adapts well to the shape of the scalp. The good news is that KP's water-based glue Pro Bond III is compliant with FDA regulations.


I have clients with very oily skin types and no adhesive stays beyond 1 week for them. Can KP offer me anything?

If the client has extra oily scalp or lingering oil residue from other products, cleanse the scalp with our Pro Solvent, DuoSolv or else Lace Release (more dry) which are great degreasing agents and non-irritating scalp cleansers.
Another option is our KP Skin Med Low-odor Liquid Bandage which can give you a longer, more solid attachment for your wig or hairpiece. It has been especially useful for clients who work out a lot, live in a humid, hot environment, or have naturally oily skin. KP Skin Med doesn’t allow the oils or sweat from the scalp to interfere with the glue or tape by creating a waterproof barrier between the scalp and the adhesive. Just dab on Skin Med before applying your glue or tape.


How long does it take for KP Skin Med to take effect?

In general, after the initial second or third application, the level of scalp irritation and discomfort decreases dramatically.

For the majority of our clients, after repeated usage of Skin Med (typically after 3-5 hair installments), provided that there were no other pre-existing skin conditions prior to wearing hair systems, they have found that their skin became less sensitive overtime. And we are talking about people with very serious skin conditions such as cradle caps that developed from using harsh products over the years. 

I still have some Skin Med on my scalp after removing my hair system. How do I clean up residual product?

After wearing Skin Med under the hair system for a few days, some of the products should come off with the removal of the hair system. Acetone (or a more skin friendly and less harsh nail polish remover) is the best way to remove any residual Skin Med. Many of our customers use our products in order to reduce skin irritations, so we understand that mentioning applying acetone directly to the skin may alarm some folks. Instead of applying lots of acetone that would further irritate the scalp, try to gently dab with a cotton pad or cotton tip to spot clean. If possible, allow your scalp to rest and breathe for a day or two before reinstalling the hair system.

I accidentally spilled Skin Med. What can I use to clean up?

Be careful to not drip Skin Med on clothing or delicate surfaces. If this occurs, use acetone to remove.