Our Vision

We make high performance hair replacement products that are healthy, clean and safe! 

Who We Are

We are a chemical and material science engineering laboratory that refines and invents products tailored to our customers' diverse needs. We are based in the technology mecca of Silicon Valley, California. Our in-house research and development team has over 20 years of behind-the-scenes experience innovating to meet the needs of professional hairstylists as well as distributors throughout the United States. 


We truly care about meeting market demands and thus have established a bicoastal distribution team split between California and New York. Coming straight from our California-based laboratory to you, we offer the lowest price for the highest quality. We welcome your inquiries and business at both wholesale and retail levels!



"Certain brands impact their customers so uniquely and profoundly that they stand out in a category all their own. We understand that innovation requires courage, so we sat down with Andy Guo, the man behind Keepers Product, one such unique brand, to learn more about his story. Andy immigrated from Taiwan to the San Francisco Bay area in 1980. Shortly after attaining his masters degree in Material Science and Chemical Engineering, he went on to work for a plethora of companies."


"During his years of laboratory work, Andy developed new techniques of dissecting chemical codes — that proved vital to his future success. Three decades later, he had amassed a popular reputation as a sort of detective within Silicon Valley’s scientific community. If a company found themselves stumped by a product formula, Andy was the person to see. A modest man with a playful sense of humor, he remarked, “I was like a behind-the-scenes secret weapon [in the chemical analysis industry].” Uncovering chemical formulas was Andy’s gift, but evaluating a product’s safety and coming up with new, safer solutions was his passion.  

Andy first entered the world of hair replacement after his former professor enlisted his help uncovering a tricky formula for a client. He cracked it, attracting attention from many developers within the hair replacement community. After breaking down countless products for these new clients, Andy couldn’t help but notice that many substances hair wearers used on their skin possessed toxic ingredients. This ate him up inside, but he knew the solution.  

Andy struck out on his own in 2011, founding Keepers Product. Under his new company name, Andy used the techniques he’d developed over decades of chemical experience to orchestrate a new line of safe products. Andy felt it imperative that his products guard the safety of not only the home user, but stylists and manufacturers as well. As a result, Andy affirms everything Keepers Product makes is non-toxic, yet still high performing.

Andy put his money where his mouth is in 2013, when he demonstrated the safety of Keepers Product lace release in a YouTube video. He sprayed the lace release not only into his mouth, but his eyes as well! With any generic lace release made with alcohol, this would not have been possible — but that was the point. Andy believes in transparency. Truly listening to the needs of the user, considering the “human variable,” as he puts it, governs the development and production of everything Keepers Product does. “It’s not just a hair piece,” Andy said. “It’s a biochemical device.”  

With his focus on people, Andy understood that many hair wearers scratch their scalps between system attachments, especially under the California sun. No other company seemed to address this issue in their product lines, so Andy hit the lab and engineered KP Skin Med™, a waterproof liquid band-aid that soothes irritated skin and acts as a barrier between lace and scalp. When a few customers requested smaller touch-up options, Andy went as far as to completely redesign the Skin Med™ formula so it could fit a smaller application brush better.  

Keepers Product knows that products free of non-toxic ingredients are not only less harmful to people, but better for the environment. Ethics play a key role in Andy’s vision. The “human variable” serves as the focal point behind all his company’s doings, and guides his standard of company responsibility.  Andy hopes his company inspires others to manufacture products with non-toxic ingredients. “I want safety to be common practice,” he told us. “I want us to lead by example.”

July 2017. Reposted from Hair Direct's newsletter.