KP SKIN MED - Dab-On Healing Skin Protectant (1.3oz)
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KP SKIN MED - Dab-On Healing Skin Protectant (1.3oz)

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KP Skin Med  is an innovative skin protectant that continuously heals the sensitive scalp with a leave-in formula to enhance the client's comfort level between each hair system service.

The innovative skin protectant has a waterproof formula that creates a protective layer to control oily skin and perspiration, which enhances the adhesion and prolongs the bonding time significantly. This is engineered for hairwearers who live in a hot and humid environments, who lead an active lifestyle as well as those with more oil-prone body chemistries.

A slight sting may be experienced when applied on already abraded skin surfaces due to KP Skin Med’s™ natural antiseptic properties. After several usages, Skin Med supports alleviation skin rashes, breakouts and cradle cap conditions. Results may vary depending on scalp condition as well as skin type. 

Directions: Make sure scalp is clean, dry and oil free.  Apply on the scalp and irritated areas. Allow product to fully dry prior to using adhesive to attach the hair system. Allow herbal scent to dissipate.

Nontoxic Guarantee: This product is free of carcinogens such as toluene benzene, and naphtha.

* Also available in 1 oz brush-on bottle for more precise and detailed applications and 4 oz brush-on bottle for more coverage.


*Shipping restrictions: Please note that for international orders, we can only ship 4 units of Skin Med 1.3 oz due to restrictions that are beyond our control. Thank you for understanding. 




How long does it take for KP Skin Med to take effect?

In general, after the initial second or third application, the level of scalp irritation and discomfort decreases dramatically.

For the majority of our clients, after repeated usage of Skin Med (typically after 3-5 hair installments), provided that there were no other pre-existing skin conditions prior to wearing hair systems, they have found that their skin became less sensitive overtime. And we are talking about people with very serious skin conditions such as cradle caps that developed from using harsh products over the years. 

I still have some Skin Med on my scalp after removing my hair system. How do I clean up residual product?

After wearing Skin Med under the hair system for a few days, some of the products should come off with the removal of the hair system. Acetone (or a more skin friendly and less harsh nail polish remover) is the best way to remove any residual Skin Med. Many of our customers use our products in order to reduce skin irritations, so we understand that mentioning applying acetone directly to the skin may alarm some folks. Instead of applying lots of acetone that would further irritate the scalp, try to gently dab with a cotton pad or cotton tip to spot clean. If possible, allow your scalp to rest and breathe for a day or two before reinstalling the hair system.

I accidentally spilled Skin Med. What can I use to clean up?

Be careful to not drip Skin Med on clothing or delicate surfaces. If this occurs, use acetone to remove. 

What people are saying about Skin Med:

"I love this product. It works immediately. I can wear my hair system now without worrying about getting that horrible rash on the back of my neck. Thank u thank u thank u." - Tammy
"Omg !!!!!! This stuff is amazing, stops irritation immediately!!!! I dont know what in it exactly but scent kind of favors A&D ointment....either way I dont care how it smells because it works!! You have to buy this if you have been using that other "scalp protector".......this one is way better, even if you sweat!" - MFC
    "I highly recommend this. really improved my scalp condition!" - Matt
      "I have very sensitive skin and allergies to hair dye and adhesives. I would almost always break out in a rash on top of my head and this almost got rid of it entirely. It's amazing! The bond is good, and due to my sensitive skin, I de/re every 3 days. The only issue I have is that it stings like hell once you apply for about 20 -30 seconds. After that it's gone. And i don't have to itch as much as i did before. Definitely recommend this." - Condor 
        "1.About the smell. This product is not completely Low - odor! I would say it has an odor but don't panic! It's not high odor either. The odor is really strong when applying the product onto your skin.After 3 hours it is gonna disappear completely.So, nothing to worry about in terms of smell artefacts. The smell is like acetone.Like if I can say ... nail polish and gun powder. Something in between. 2.The contact with irritated skin.When I put it on my irritated areas of my scalp it was burning for a second but very quickly the sensation disappeared.That's because of the acetone which is one of the main ingredients. I guess the clove oil will heal the situation /because it's listed as a product that continuously heals your irritated skin.Let's give it a week and see what's gonna be the situation with the scalp/ 3.Color- it is not transparent. It has a yellow tint but it disappears once you apply it/I have olive skin tone/ I am not sure if your skintone is black how is it gonna look because in the bottle it look very yellow. 4.It is quite economical-I treated my whole scalp /although you need to treat only the places where your skin is more sensitive and the places where you apply tape or glue/.I would say that you really need to squeeze once and leave a "stamp" while continuing doing tap by tap to cover the area you need to work on. 5.It evaporates super quick.Yes it does. I ve tried other products like the HD skin prep-they have only one. It is good but it is made for what they say "deodorant" between the glue/tape , your hair system and your skin. KP Skin Med is totally different product. 6.It leaves "plastic" layer onto your skin.The skin look shiny and cover with plastic look/feel.When your skin stretches you can see how the layer from SKIN MED stays on it like a transparent film.It is very /almost impossible/ to wipe it off.I tried with isopropyl and it worked but I needed to apply pressure and to repeat two times. 7.After applying it , sticking the hair system with tape and glue I really felt the difference.It just felt much more secured everywhere.At the hairline and at the perimeter.Bare in mind that I have extremely oily forehead and scalp and I sweat all the time even when it's not too hot. I will give it a week and see what I have achieved with this interesting product.How did it affect my skin and how long did it extend the glue at the hairline/which breaks for few days usually-3-4/ ONE TIP FOR EVERYBODY: Do not do this mistake. I applied skin med on my whole scalp.You don't need to do this in case you are not applying glue and tape everywhere.Usually I use tape at the perimeter and one strip in the centre for balance. I will review again after a few weeks of wearing this." - JOE 

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