KP LEO BOND - Waterproof Hybrid Adhesive (2oz)
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KP LEO BOND - Waterproof Hybrid Adhesive (2oz)

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Leo Bond is the latest groundbreaking adhesive technology with dynamic results!  

This hybrid adhesive delivers the best of two worlds -- cleaning is hassle-free similar to working with solvent-based adhesives, and its suitability for sensitive skin types shares water-based glues' nontoxic properties. 

Leo Bond is smooth, creamy, and spreads evenly. There are no runny drips during application. Glue dries quick and translucent, without the need for blow drying, and holds the system tenaciously. With lace units, 2-3 thin layers are required on scalp only. It provides exceptional hold time and is comfortable to wear. 


    1. Test for compatibility on a small patch of skin 
    2. Apply one or two thin coats on the scalp with a brush
    3. Wait until the adhesive becomes translucent and is dry to touch
    4. Attach the hairpiece firmly to the scalp
    5. For easy removal, remove residue adhesive with the compatible KP DuoSolv adhesive remover or  KP Lace Release for best results.

Nontoxic Guarantee: This product is free of latex and carcinogens such as toluene, benzene, and naphtha

* Also available in a larger 4 oz size.


What people are saying about Leo Bond:

"By far the best adhesive I have ever used! 2 full weeks bond on the beach and in the ocean! Finally found waterproof adhesive. The bond is strong so expect to use a remover." - Stephanie

"I was tired of the itching and the adverse reaction with most of the solvent based adhesives. I could not go beyond 2 days before I was ready to rip off the hairpiece. I live an active lifestyle with lots of gym, dancing and other physical activities. Sweat, that would add to the problem. I figured I'd give this one a try and so far so good. It holds on securely and I do not have any of the adverse effects I'd felt with the other glues. I am hoping this is the one I go to from here on out. On that note, why does it say it's out of stock at hairdirect? Did they stop stocking this? That would be a bummer if they did. If you are like me, you should give this one a try even if you have to go elsewhere to get it if HD does not stock it anymore. Maybe it works better for you as well." Brad

"Best holding glue.easy to use .no mess.i was using ultra bond getting easy 4 weeks .been to bali 6 weeks and still attached quite well using ultra bond iam trying leos bond and second week and using sauna steam room etc and no problem so far with this product.cheers from Australia." - Johnny  

"Got this on a whim. I live in Florida (HOT and HUMID) and am wary of products that leave me with rashes. my scalp is very, very sensitive. this one is super easy to apply, dries fast, no discomfort, and my hair system stays in place. Going on week 4 now, highly recommend it!" - Matt         

"My favorite adhesive so far and I have been wearing hair units for over 35 years. Strong hold and easy application. goes on like a cream. Not messy and easy to clean... thank you!" - Jimmy      

" Leo Bond changed my life. I am a customer for life!" - Martin

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