Keepers Products at a Glance!

Nontoxic: Non-Toxic products that are so safe they are classified as food grade. Of course, we don’t recommend eating the products but they are harmless…!

Sensitive Skin Friendly: We want hairwearers to look and feel good. That is why we created KP Skin Med to improve scalp conditions (cradle caps, lesions, sensitive skin, rashes, etc) by creating a scalp protector that also heals while enhancing adhesion.

High Tech + High Performance: Field experience has reported longer lasting bonding time than existing competitors. We also own our own laboratory and can improve products on demand. We also have several innovations that originated in our very own labs including Skin Med and Pro-Lock.

Stay Hassle-Free by staying Oil-Free: Keepers Products are designed to be user-friendly by being oil and grease free to dramatically cut down time spent cleaning up, washing, picking at gunk, etc. As services become easier and less time-consuming, this means shorter client visits, happier clients, and more free time for the stylist. Win-Win Situation!

Non-Irritating & Non-Corrosive: Our solvents as well as our Lace Release are alcohol free and also do not contain orange oil or IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)  unlike many existing products. This means the stylists’ hands are protected too as much as the customers’ scalp. This also means no constant stickiness stuck between the nails.



  • Nontoxic and safe to handle

  • Ideal for sensitive skin conditions

  • Field tested by salon professionals

  • Alcohol and oil-free

  • Free of carcinogens toluene, naphtha and benzene

  • Latex Free

  • 100% Ethically Produced